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What does healthy masculinity look like today?

How should we best live our lives as men?

Society gives us two basic options:

1. The first way man is the man who relies on brute force to get what he wants. He is High Strength, Low Love.

2. The second way man is the man who plays nice to get what he wants. He is High Love, Low Strength.

We reject these two equally dysfunctional options in favor of option three:

3. The THIRD WAY MAN lives a life of BENEVOLENT POWER: for his own sake, and the sake of those he serves. He is High Strength, High Love.

Third Way Man is a tribe of men who aspire to live lives of benevolent power: lives characterized by strength and love in equal measure.

The legacy of First Way masculinity is destruction.

The legacy of Second Way masculinity is powerlessness.

The legacy of Third Way masculinity is CREATION.

Our purpose is to help empower and equip men for the journey to authentic third way masculinity, so they can come into their full power as strong, loving CREATORS: radically free, inspired, alive.

Bryan Ward, founder
Third Way Man