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Third Way Man is a global movement with a simple mission: free the man, free the world.

It's an empirical fact: when men are inspired and engaged, EVERYONE wins: their wives, their children, their communities, and the world at large.

So far we've helped over 47,000 men in 102 countries.

And we're just getting started.

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Third Way Man Wall Of Love

"Astounded" – D.B.

"GENIUS!" - C.

"Blown away" - J.T.

"Inspiring" - J.R.

"No words" - H.V.

"Overwhelmed by the amount of truth that was contained in your words" – M.T.

"Thank you, Bryan, from my very core" – H.F.

"I find tremendous value in your work and I look forward to employing these tactics for the rest of my life" – R.K.

"I needed inspiration, a way forwards, a new ideal. You just gave it to me. New lifelong reader here. I owe you one" – A.B.

"I loved your book" – M.R.

"I just started implementing it yesterday as soon as I read it, and I had a fire turn on inside!" – J.M.

"I can not believe it. Something so SHORT and SIMPLE should not have this much power" – J.M.

"Your LIT paper has ignited a fire" – H.F.

"Really inspiring read" – J.P.

"So, I gotta tell you; just started reading the download. It feels exclusively profound as if it was written for only me" – S.G.

"I’m just diving into all the material right, it has truly re stoked the fire" – A.V.

"Your book has inspired beyond my wildest dreams" – G.R.

"The deathbed test is a game changer, that alone is well worth the money spent on this program!" - C.F.

"I loved Lit. I could not stop reading it" - M.L.B.

"Truly inspiring, Bryan… I cannot tell enough people about this" - L.C.

"Your work has truly inspired me to take on a new direction in life. Thank you" - A.S.

"Truly inspiring" - R.B.

"I’m forever grateful" – G.R.

"Your program is awesome" - C.J.

"I read LIT… this has come to me at the most needed time of my life" - J.W.

"Just wanted to extend my thanks and gratitude. Your message and writing has resonated deeply" - R.F.

"I've already started reading and the first exercise was VERY intense!" - J.J.

"Helped immensely" -B.F.

"You are a modern day Homer" - S.G.

"Thank you for writing LIT. Really powerful tools" - S.D.

"Thanks man I needed this badly" - M.B.

"Very impressed with your work… made my brain melt lmao" - M.F.

"Hey I love the 'LIT' Book. Truly has already changed the way I see things in a huge way and is only been 2 days" - D.B.

"Worth every penny!" - B.S.

"You motivated me to turn off the path of apathy" - B.F.

"You've helped me tremendously" - C.F.

"Thanks Bryan… You've upgraded my way of thinking" - G.R.

"Since I read your book things have started to change for me… than you for being the catalyst" - C.P.

"Thank you brother… my family is already eternally grateful" - J.F.

"I have no idea who you are or how I first found your work… at this point… it matters not. I'm hooked" - B.

"Good grief Bryan, you are greatly inspirational. Thank you" - P.S.

"Love your writing! Thank you!" - M.C.

"Love your writing so much. Thank you!" - R.P.

"From the bottom of my heart, thank you" - W.W.

"Changed my life" - G.

"You really changed my life last year when I stumbled upon your website" - J.B.

"Thank you for everything you are doing" - J.C.

"LIT rocks!" - C.T.

"Altered the direction of my life" - W.W.

"Changed my marriage. Thank you" - R.M.

"Discovering your LIT black paper on Friday was a revelation" - W.S.

"Amazed at the clarity I have gleaned" - R.

"I consider you a brother" - S.M.

"Half way through LIT. TY I LOVE IT AND AM INSPIRED" - G.G.

"I love this. Thank you. You have successfully chipped away at my cynicism" - A.J.

"Today I felt more alive, motivated and in my man than ever" - C.

"Thanks for the spark that will change my life" - W.S.

"You have inspired me to be a creator again" - S.R.

"Thank you for this Bryan. My life has changed already" - D.G.

"Read all the materials in one sitting" - M.R.

"You, your program, more than once, gave me hope where there was none" - S.M.

"Thanking you now for the LIT black paper, Brilliant" - W.S.

"LIT is brilliant… it is as if you are speaking to me directly" - C.W.

"Just wanted to say thank you" - K.O.

"The change is so huge, everyone think imam crazy :)" - A.L.

"The idea of being lit and going for it has always been in my mind, but the structure was not there. Now it is" - E.B.

"I'm so happy I found your book on Facebook God truly does work in crazy ways" - J.H.

"Read the LIT black paper yesterday, loved it…" - A.R.

"The book provided a framework for me to get out of my current slump" - S.J.

"You inspire me" - G.J.

"Changing my life!" - G.R.

"Dude… I'm so blessed you and your mission has come into my life" - D.G.

"The book that your group has put out is amazing" - H.

"Game changing" - E.B.

"Thanks for the major spark" - C.S.

"I'm LIT Bryan… Thank you and Love to you and your family as well!" - R.T.

"Rocked me to my core" - T.D.

"Hit me right between the eyes" - C.A.

"Your content rocks. Simple, clear, useful" - M.G.

"AWESOME read… I need this ThankYou" - K.M.

"Forever grateful" - G.R.

"Your message is bringing me back to the man I was" - J.P.

"A lot more than I thought I was going to get for the money I paid" - P.S.

"Thank you again for helping me find inspiration" - R.K.

"Lit was an inspiration. When I began reading it, I could not stop until I was finished" - T.T.

"Blew me away" - R.G.

"Just read lit three times" - R.D.

"Didn't realize how productive I could be with just a few minutes each day" - M.R.

"Fired up!" - M.K.

"Your book has inspired me beyond my wildest dreams. I'm back on a path that I can be proud of" - G.R.

"Has truly re stoked the fire" - A.V.

"Helped tremendously" - F.G.

"It feels exclusively profound as if it was written for only me" - S.G.

"Saving my life" - M.W.

"Your thoughts and reasonings are a breath of fresh air" - R.K.

"Your writing is an educational oasis. Powerful and poetic. A hundred thank you's and please don't stop" - M.

"Bryan, I'm an avid reader and nothing in the last 20 years has reached my soul the way that what you have written has" - B.D.S.